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America Tonight Radio Interview - Listen to an overview of The Secret War in an interview by Kate Delaney with the author that aired on Sept. 19, 2018 at 12:30 am.

There is a war that you will  not hear about in the news.

It is the war for your last freedom.

This Secret War rages every day and impacts every person on the planet.

It is a war of strategy, choices and monumental decisions.

Unfortunately people are often ill prepared for the challenges they face. Battles are lost before people realize they are happening.



To my grandchildren and whoever may want to read this,

As I look at events and trends in America and around the world, it often seems as if the social, moral, spiritual and physical fabric of this world is spiraling from bad to worse. This is not a new development.

Every generation has its share of ungodly behavior and troubling circumstances. There are always wars, famines and climate disasters, people seeking or abusing power, people living in poverty and others taking advantage of those who are vulnerable. As Solomon wrote, “There is nothing new under the sun.” Ecclesiastes 1:9

The goal of this book is to help you prepare to meet the trials and the challenges you will face in the coming years. You make choices every day. Those choices have all kinds of short- and long-term ramifications.

Regardless of the circumstances around you, you can have victory in your life if you understand your real choices and stay focused on the One who controls everything—the God of the universe and beyond.

The truths in this book have taken me a lifetime to learn because sometimes I’m a slow learner. I hope that by putting them in this format, you can learn them more quickly than I learned them.

There is nothing new, novel or unique about what I am sharing. These things are written about extensively in Scripture and are the result of my relationship with Jesus Christ and of knowing, loving and following God.

My goal is to tie them together in a way that will impact your life and help you begin an earnest search of Scripture and dependence upon God.

It is my prayer that you will read this with an open heart and a thoughtful mind. Allow God to speak to you and to work in your life through Jesus Christ. May you experience the joy and inner peace that comes from walking with God and allowing Him to be the Lord of your life.

                                                                  With love,