How can I be of help to you?

​Speaking - I am available to come and speak to your group in whatever format is most helpful to you.

This may take the form of a seminar, a ladies (or men's) Bible study, a workshop for your choir and/or worship leaders. It may involve speaking with your congregation on Sunday morning, evening, Wednesday night or Saturday special study or weekend retreat.

​My whole intent is to focus on the one whom we worship, and to encourage God's people to walk with Him 24/7. I try to stay Bible centered and not promote any particular program or style of worship or denomination. 

I am more than willing to work with your pastor or leadership to design an event that would be most beneficial for your congregation or group that honors and glorifies our Lord.

Music - Because this is a significant part of my background, I am available to come and sing and/or play piano for your Worship service. This could be in conjunction with speaking or as a stand alone thing. I can present solo work, work with your choir and worship team, or present a worship concert. Again, all of this is dependent upon your church and it's specific needs.

Cost - I do not have a set fee for my services. That is left to you to decide. I do ask that you take care of lodging and travel and that I be allowed to sell my books.

Please go to the contact section of this site to explore the possibilities.