"The concepts on worship were transforming both at the retreat and in reading the book. They have given  me a different perspective in how I look at God in my daily walk and in corporate worship.

​-- Judy O. , Ranson, West Virginia

"I like her way of approaching the scriptures and bringing them into the worship. Everything was well done. It was a blessing to me... Keep writing more books!"

​-- Unsigned -- Charles Town, WV

Workshop Comments

"I thoroughly enjoyed An Audience of One. It was inspirational, Biblically sound, and downright practical. Thank you for making such a fine book available to the churches." 

​-- Rev. David McCall, Galax, Virginia

Reader Comments

"If you want to understand how to have a better relationship with Christ, this is the course for you.

​-- Unsigned -- Charles Town, WV

"Ellen's musical leadership, scripture filled presentation and authentic, heart-driven message reminds us that worship is an ongoing act for believers. Thank you!"

​-- Allison M. -- Charles Town, WV

"This book brought a fresh perspective on worship--renewed, refreshed and responsive to Our Savior...  Ellen's sweet, kind spirit exudes our Savior." 

​-- Dotsi C -- Charles Town, WV

"Ellen's honesty was wonderful and she was "real" in her relation to us. Her sincere love for the LORD was evident and powerful."

​-- Unsigned -- Charles Town, WV

"After the conference, I look forward to reading your book and getting that much closer to God." 

​-- Donna J. -- Martinsburg, WV