There is a war that you will  not hear about in the news.

It is the war for your last freedom.

This Secret War rages every day and impacts every person on the planet.

It is a war of strategy, choices and monumental decisions.

Unfortunately people are often ill prepared for the challenges they face. Battles are lost before people realize they are happening.


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Learn more about this war and how to live victoriously.

About The Author

Christian worship is not a spectator sport.

​The focus of worship is on the One True God.

His is the only opinion that matters.

​Begin a life-long journey with eternal ramifications,

to understand and participate in worship and

to know the one whom we worship.

​An Audience of One offers a Bible Study for the average Christian to discover the nature and purpose of worship. It can be used as an individual study or in a group setting.


In today's church, there are people who come to worship for the wrong reasons.

These can include:

The Secret War

"There are many books on the market today about worship. An Audience of One is not focused on style of music or form of worship. Instead, Ellen Walker focuses on the object of worship - God.

Her style is gentle and perceptive as she brings scripture to bear on the critical exercises of seeking and praising God. Here is a voice that needs to be heard in the church today."

Rev. Dr. Duane C. Eastman

​Anacordas, Washington 

An Audience Of One?

"Ellen Jeter Walker takes us from religion by rote in the outer court to authentic worship in the inner court. With grace and passion, she challenges each of us to seek and to find the joy of the Lord that is our strength."

Pam Hamilton, EdD

​Huntington, WV 

Ellen Walker is the wife of a retired Baptist pastor. She as been active in music ministry and a Bible teacher for over 45 years and is passionate about worship and the study and application of God's Word. ...

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Once I am well, let 's schedule a worship concert or a Bible study.

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Audio Book is Now Available at Amazon and